Dr Disrespect slams Warzone’s solo mode, offers suggestions on how it can be improved

The streamer has five ideas he believes could fix the game mode.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

While Warzone may have been one of Dr Disrespect’s go-to games since its release in 2020, the streamer recently shared his thoughts on the game’s more recent solo mode.

In a tweet, the Doc blasted the mode, calling it the worst solo experience in any battle royale title to date. When asked what could be done to fix it, the streamer had a few ideas in mind. These ideas include limiting the number of zone circles from five to three, reducing the time between these circles by 75 percent, reducing the price of loadout drops, and removing both trucks and dead silence from the game mode entirely.

The Doc’s tweets inspired others to share their ideas that could fix some of the game’s issues right now, with popular choices being an anti-cheat, adding a field of view slider for console players, and removing skill-based matchmaking from the game.

Solo was added to Warzone shortly after its release but according to these players, it would seem it hasn’t received the same upkeep and optimizations as the game’s other modes. One of the issues here seems to lie within its pacing. With players on their own, it can often result in many playing a more cautious style, which when paired with the huge map and a large number of zones, can lead to a long, quiet match.

Maybe with the Doc rallying behind these changes, we could see the mode get the treatment it deserves in the future.