Dr Disrespect responds to Shroud’s return to Twitch

The Doc responded via Twitter.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Popular FPS streamer Shroud announced his return to Twitch today after his partnership with Mixer ended prematurely due to the platform closing.

Many streamers shared their reactions to the news with a majority praising the streamer for his decision. Former Twitch partner Dr Disrespect responded to the news with a short video skit taken from his livestream.

In the video, The Doc can be seen impersonating Shroud as he joins Dr Disrespect in singing along to his new theme music. After some encouraging words to himself, The Doc, impersonating Shroud says that he (Dr Disrespect) is jealous of him.

“I haven’t had to do shit except send three GIFs on Twitter and I’m already making millions, so what have you done,” Dr Disrespect said.

The Doc was likely just poking some fun at Shroud, who he has streamed with and spoken about several times. This does not look to be possible anymore, though, with Shroud making his return to Twitch, he will be unable to include banned players in his stream.

Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch earlier this year and said that he does not know why the ban occurred. Since this, The Doc took some time away from streaming before making his return to now stream on YouTube.