Dr Disrespect puts a viewer in their place after rude comment

He wasn't having any of it.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Twitch streamers, particularly popular ones, have to deal with “toxic” comments on a daily basis. But Dr Disrespect found a unique way to deal with that yesterday. 

After losing a game, Dr Disrespect, who’s known to complain from time to time, received a message from one viewer who wanted him to quit his “bitching.”

With a full head of steam, Dr Disrespect responded in the exact way you’d expect from someone with the name “Dr Disrespect”—he put the guy on absolute blast. 

“Oh yea, let’s bring up your profile,” he said. “Let’s talk about it.”

Doc proceeded to tear apart the viewer by walking through their unaffiliated Twitch channel and using a mocking voice to read their personal description. 

“My dream is to make this a full-time job,” Doc read. “It ain’t happening. Guess what? You never will. You’re still working at Burger King, and you always will for the rest of your life.”

The Two-Time continued to read off the person’s personal channel description with angry spit dribbling from his mouth before his rage took over.

“Nobody’s going to your god damn channel,” he yelled. “Fucking quit.”

The angry outburst by Doc came following some games of PUBG, a game that Dr Disrespect has played sporadically throughout the course of the year on stream. Yesterday was just the fifth time that he played the title this year.