Dr Disrespect partners with German gaming hardware company ROCCAT

Hello Doctor.

Screengrab via Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Two-Time is making moves. Dr Disrespect has switched to German gaming hardware company ROCCAT in a sponsorship deal announced today. 

Dr Disrespect made the announcement on stream today and tweeted out the news with a special video. He had even already begun to use the ROCCAT keyboard and mouse by the time he told his viewers about the deal. 

Following the official announcement, ROCCAT made several changes to its website and social media, decking everything out with red and black Dr Disrespect themed backgrounds and adding a special Dr Disrespect tab on its website. 

This move by ROCCAT shouldn’t be too surprising. Last June, the company was acquired by Turtle Beach for more than $15 million in cash. Dr Disrespect has a long history with Turtle Beach, wearing his signature red headset everywhere he goes. 

Dr Disrespect’s official new gear includes the Vulcan keyboard, Kain mouse, and Sense mouse pad. The streamer is still using his trusty Turtle Beach headset, which he has popularly advertised on national TV, despite ROCCAT having its own headsets.

Prior to this deal, the Doc was using a Razor BlackWidow Chroma keyboard and his Twitch command for his mouse said that he was “under doctor NDA,” suggesting that he wasn’t advertising what he was using until this deal was complete.