Dr Disrespect on Lost Ark and why he doesn’t like MMOs: ‘Where’s the skill?’

The Two-Time slams MMOs.

Photo via MLG

The recent Western release of Lost Ark saw a surge of viewership on Twitch the day its early access began. The Twitch category peaked at 1.2 million concurrent viewers and accumulated more than 10 million hours watched in only one day, according to SullyGnome.

Though the MMO has been met with praise and even brought the return of streaming’s perennial MMORPG aficionado, Asmongold, not everyone has enjoyed or even paid any mind to Lost Ark’s debut. YouTuber streamer and avid FPS competitor Dr Disrespect expressed why he hasn’t tried out the MMO giant and doesn’t have any interest to.

During a stream with TimTheTatman, the Two-Time interrogated his Call of Duty duo on why he enjoys Lost Ark and MMOs in general. Tim listed out several reasons, including leveling, the gear grind, and more. But Dr Disrespect simply asked, “where’s the skill, though?”

“In terms of a skill that you might be able to recognize from one player to another, what’s that difference?” the former map designer asked. “So if I’m watching Shroud and then I watch you play the game, MMOs is one of those games where I couldn’t tell the fucking difference between who’s a better player.”

TimTheTatman was quick to rebuke Dr Disrespect’s claims, citing the Doc’s distaste for the game genre in general. Clearly not one for MMOs, the former streamer of the year’s opinion sparked debate both in chat and on Twitter following the stream.

Though Lost Ark and similar MMOs may currently be popular among many streamers, it’s incredibly unlikely that Dr Disrespect will try his hand at them.