Dr Disrespect kicks viewer out of the Champion’s Club after they claim to have abused their wife

Some matters are not going to be tolerated on stream.

Screengrab via Dr DisRespect

Popular streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is best known for putting on a show with his strong personality and character traits when streaming, but even he has a limit to what is tolerated on his channel—even when it comes from his supporters. 

The Champion’s Club is the term Doc uses to address his supporters on stream as a sort of badge of honor with a special graphic displaying on stream every time someone subs. This is usually a club anyone can join as long as they sub or donate to his stream, but that doesn’t mean it’s a title you can’t lose. 

One subscriber donated to the stream and left a message admitting that he abused his wife after “bad day,” which Doc was not too happy about and quickly responded that the person was no longer going to be allowed in the Champion’s Club. 

“Hey Doc, yesterday I had a really bad day,” the nine dollar donation read. “I choked my wife after a dispute. I’m very unhappy about this and not excusing it. It is good to see you and your positive stream.”

Doc was immediately put off by the message, addressing it as “physical abuse” and stating that he didn’t believe the viewer belonged in the Champion’s Club before falling silent for a moment. And while Doc was silent, the chat was reacting to the message with confusion and outrage too. 

After contemplating the message in silence while running through PUBG, he found a spot to hide behind some cover and addressed the man again. 

“In fact, get the fuck out,” Doc said. “Get out.” 

The message was simple and the chat agreed with his decision, and the streamer went back to playing the game. There was no further comment made about the message from the viewer or Doc, but a line was drawn in the sand for anyone who might post a similar message in the future. 

Doc is by no means a clean streamer and has faced controversies of his own. But even with his unpredictable persona on camera character, the streamer made it clear that something like abuse will not be tolerated in any form.