Dr Disrespect claims Mixer would still be around if he signed there

Doc claims that he could have saved Mixer.

Screengrab via @DrDisrespect

On a Jan. 5 YouTube livestream, popular streamer Dr Disrespect spoke on the fall of Mixer and claimed that the streaming platform would still be around if the company had signed him.

“You know what’s interesting? How did Mixer go down?” the Two-Time said. “Like they were literally like Twitch… the same thing, right? And they got Shroud and Ninja over there.” Doc referenced the streaming competitor’s popular exclusive livestreamers. At nearly the height of his popularity, Ninja was among the first streamers to leave Twitch.

Dr Disrespect went on to claim that Mixer had approached him with a deal, but he apparently turned down the offer. “They almost got me, but it just wasn’t enough,” Doc laughed. “I’m gonna go ahead and make a statement. If we went over to Mixer, champs, I’m talking you, Champions Club, and the Two-Time, Mixer would still be around.”

The bold claim is a testament to Dr Disrespect’s popularity. The former Streamer of the Year has quickly risen as one of YouTube’s most popular streamers since making the switch from Twitch. A major issue with Mixer was audience crossover, though. While the company was able to sign big names such as Ninja and Shroud, audiences largely failed to follow them onto a new platform.

“I mean, the Champions Club doesn’t fuck around and the Two-Time certainly doesn’t,” Dr Disrespect said. “What we’re doing on YouTube with no algorithm being pushed forward… we’ve been dominating, man.”

Proud of his platform and audience’s loyalty, Dr Disrespect clearly believes that he, and the Champions Club, could have thrived on any streaming platform he chose.


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