Dr Disrespect asks to design Rogue Company map

The Doc promises “Violence, Speed, and Momentum.”

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has asked developers of the new team-based multiplayer shooter Rogue Company to let him design a map for the game.

The Doc shared an image of the map selection screen including a new option titled “The Arena,” accompanied by the caption that should he get the opportunity to design a map he will bring “Violence, Speed, and Momentum.”

Rogue Company seems on board with the idea, replying to the streamer giving him the green light, and a timeframe of 24 hours to prove his map design ability.

Dr Disrespect has been playing the team-based shooter that launched in beta last month on his stream. The shooter brings a unique third-person spin on the traditional strategic team shooter, pitting teams of four against each other.

After facing controversy following his abrupt banning from Twitch at the end of June, Doc has taken his stream to its new home of YouTube.

In his first stream on the new platform, Dr Disrespect peaked at more than 500,000 concurrent viewers. Many of these viewers were tuning in to get some information regarding the departure from Twitch, however, Doc shared that he was not aware of the reason that caused his ban.

Players who want to try out Rogue Company can sign up for access to the beta by purchasing a copy of the game now available on both console and PC.