DisguisedToast catches imposter faking “dragon” task in Among Us

Toast burn.

Screengrab via DisguisedToast

DisguisedToast’s Sherlock Holmes-like investigative skill in Among Us has boosted the streamer’s popularity to new heights, but his latest inference just might be the tallest feather in his deerstalker.

The streamer spotted something suspicious while roaming the MIRA HQ. Not wasting any time, he rushed and called for an emergency meeting before dropping his bombshell announcement.

Clip: among us w/ cool people

Posted by Disguised Toast on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Toast’s bait worked immensely, eliciting copious amounts of laughs and jeers. But even his 200 IQ joke couldn’t save himself from a unanimous vote-off.

Pokimane, one of two Impostors, capitalized on Toast’s manufactured chaos, even self-reporting so that she could drop her own one-liner.

Toast’s intervention turned the crewmates haywire, and Poki capitalized to turn the odds in her favor, eventually winning the game for her side.

Toast was trolling this round, but usually, he’s a standout Among Us player known within the OfflineTV crew as one of the investigators and Impostor-detector. After all, he once flawlessly exposed two Impostors at a go with a slick interrogation.

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