Disguised Toast responds to claims that he’s “attention seeking” by tweeting fans to stop subscribing to his Twitch channel

"How do you tell one million followers on Twitch... quietly?"

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

YouTuber and streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang humbly asked viewers to not subscribe to his Twitch channel yesterday, urging fans to donate to smaller streamers instead. But the declaration may have rubbed a few people the wrong way.

Disguised Toast responded to a Reddit comment during his Twitch broadcast today that suggested he was “grandstanding” by making the modest act public on his Twitter.

“Quietly tell all my viewers to not sub to me,” Disguised Toast said. “How do you do that quietly? How do you tell one million followers on Twitch or [200,000] followers on Twitter quietly?”

Disguised Toast then read a sarcastic reply to the comment that said he should’ve “privately messaged” each viewer individually.

“That’s what I should’ve done,” the streamer joked. “Chat, can you send me your emails so I can email you individually as to not make a big statement to cover all my bases at once.”

The Canadian streamer removed donations and bits from his Twitch channel in August, asking fans to donate to charities instead. Disguised Toast initially amassed a huge following from Hearthstone videos on YouTube before bringing in other titles, like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

To catch the TFT guru stream, without any obligation of donating or subscribing, fans can tune in to his Twitch channel.