Disguised Toast explains why he will not invite many small streamers to OTV and Friends Minecraft server

He was blunt in his explanation.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

Offline TV’s recently-rebooted Minecraft server is off to the races, and with its launch has come a ton of streamers asking for their shot to get in on the action.

Addressing these requests, the OTV member responsible for running the server, Disguised Toast, shared his thoughts on adding smaller streamers into the mix. In a clip from his stream, Toast explains that simply being a small streamer shouldn’t give you the opportunity to play on the server.

“Do you want me to invite streamers that are small purely based on the fact that they are small?” Toast said. “Go fuck yourself, this ain’t a charity, I’m not doing handouts here.”

Toast also said the majority of streamers who have a small audience are generally “bad streamers.” It wasn’t all negative, however, as Toast also highlighted that there are some streamers with smaller audiences who have potential and to those streamers, he’d love to give them a chance on the server.

Toast made it clear that any small streamer that is invited to participate in the server isn’t getting the opportunity because they are small, instead because he sees potential in them.

Right now, there are around 40 creators on the invite list to the server, with plans for more to be added each week. The streamer left one final message to his viewers and those looking to get a shot in the server before wrapping the conversation.

“If your credential into getting on the Minecraft streamer server is that you’re small….. Hell no, Hell no.”