Disguised Toast calls an emergency meeting in Among Us, but it immediately backfires

"I’m innocent so I don’t want to hear any susses on me this game.”

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

The emergency meeting button is often used during a game of Among Us for the purpose of identifying the imposters when a crewmate has solid intel on who it might be. This was not the case during one of Pokimane’s recent streams, however, where popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Disguised Toast chose to use the button for a different purpose.

When the emergency meeting was called, Toast began by sharing with the crew that they could skip in 10 seconds. He then said he called the meeting to profess his undeniable innocence with some evidence.

“I was the first one to do keys and when I left there the taskbar went up so you know I’m innocent so I don’t want to hear any susses on me this game,” Toast told the crew.

From Pokimane’s perspective, viewers could see that she was indeed one of the imposters while Toast was innocent. But unfortunately for Toast, the rest of the players were immediately suspicious of this. Pewdiepie immediately pointed out that no one saw it before many more crewmates joined in, saying they did the task as a group.

The discussion immediately turned to eliminate Toast by voting him out. The valiant display of innocence shown by the streamer appeared suspicious and ultimately put himself as the top suspect in the game.

The majority of the crew opted to vote Toast out while three of the members decided to skip their vote. Ultimately, this hilarious interaction saw Toast eliminated from that game, leaving the two imposters still in the match and reducing the crew’s chances of winning.