Discord will give creators VIP features with new premium membership

Discord is testing a new way of monetizing servers.

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Discord announced in a blog post today that a variety of content creators will be invited to a new, premium beta. Though Discord has recently released several new features to build out the platform as a community space, such as threads, this premium membership will provide monetization options to the group messaging app.

Similar to the subscription system on Twitch, Discord will offer server owners the option to create several tiers at different price points with their own incentives. These different tiers can include extra sever channels, chats, and voice calls. Discord Nitro will remain a personal subscription, having little overlap with the planned new premium service.

“Premium Memberships introduce a streamlined and simple way to offer premium experiences, content, and interactions within your community,” Discord described in the blog post. “And with a quick and seamless process members can subscribe and immediately access benefits with payments and support all happening directly within Discord.”

Though the premium membership for Discord is expected to hit live servers eventually, the company made it clear that it is still in its “slow rollout” phase. This will remain a closed experiment until further notice as Discord receives feedback on the potential of the product. Discord did not announce the creators they intend to test this new server feature with or how many creators we can expect to see implement the premium experience.

Discord so far has no release date for the product; however, the company is keen on tweaking the premium membership as feedback comes in.


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