Destiny on Method general manager Darrie: “You’re a spineless, cowardly f****** hack”

The streamer's comments come following allegations against multiple members of the organization.

Screengrab via Destiny

Popular Twitch streamer Destiny criticized Method general manager Darrie’s comments after the organization parted ways with Josh.

Speaking on his stream, Destiny pulled up a tweet from Darrie, who said she wanted the names of alleged abusers in the organization so she could “beat some ass.” Destiny called Darrie a “spineless, cowardly fucking hack who might have let a girl get raped because you were too busy trying to protect your bottom line.”

He continued by claiming the money the company was making was more important to Darrie than somebody else getting raped. He also said Darrie was the person who responded to the victim’s email notifying her that without a police report Method would not be taking action against their “cash cow,” which is how Destiny described Josh.

Since the allegations became public, Method released Josh and Darrie shared said she regretted not acting sooner.

“I can’t take back the pain and betrayal that the women who he abused felt when Method did nothing for a year,” Darrie said. “My focus now is working with our leadership team to develop policies that are unwavering and without prejudice towards perceived ‘Value’ of a player.”

Method also announced today its co-CEO Sascha Steffens has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending a third-party investigation regarding an allegation made against him.