Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt World’s First Race—who is winning?

The top challengers are facing against each other and the clock.

Image via Bungie

The Deep Stone Crypt Raid of the Beyond Light expansion just went live today. This means that the most reputable Destiny 2 clans and teams will be racing against each other to be the first in the world to beat it.

While achieving the honor of doing something as first in the world is enough of an accomplishment by itself, Bungie also threw its hat in the ring to reward the winning players with sweet loot.

The best way to enjoy an occasion such as this requires you to set up multiple monitors with all the top teams’ streams. That isn’t going to be an option for players who don’t have the time to watch the event live, so we’ll be keeping close track of the competition to update you who’s the closest to being the world’s first team to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

The event kicked off on Nov. 21 at 12pm CT and there are a couple of rules that players had to take into consideration before starting their attempts.

  • 1230 Power is your team’s goal to be at the cap for all the encounters.
  • Artifact Power will be disabled while playing Contest Mode.
  • Achieving Power above 1230 won’t provide any additional advantage in the final fight.
  • Contest Mode will cap all players at 20 Power below each encounter for 24 hours.

Each attempt will need to be confirmed by Bungie and the timer will only end when teams return to orbit. Note that it may take a while for Bungie to confirm the integrity of the world’s first, so it’s only fair to expect multiple claims throughout the first 24 hours.

Here’s how competition is going so far.

Who is winning the Deep Stone Crypt World’s First Race?

  • 5:43pm CT – Slayerage’s team has just completed the raid as well. While it looks like they’ve placed second, there’s still a chance that can win the whole thing if Bungle finds something amiss with Clawtivity’s run.
  • 5:32pm CT – Though Bungle will probably take a couple of days to confirm the run, it looks like Clawtivity’s team was the first to beat the boss and make it back into Orbit. None of the other teams have made it back to the Orbit, yet.
  • 5:26pm CT – Clawtivity’s team has taken down the final boss, they just need to make it back to the Orbit.
  • 5:26pm CT – p2ower was quite close to challenging Clawtivity’s lead but the squad was wiped in an unfortunate way.
  • 5:22pm CT – Clawtivity’s team is already back with another attempt, and it looks like they’ve figured out all the quirks of the boss.
  • 5:21pm CT – Mactics’ squad was also super close to taking down the final boss. This means that Clawtivity’s team may not have that much time after all.
  • 5:16pm CT – Clawtivity’s squad just wiped when the boss only had a few hits of its HP left. The squad still seems to be quite ahead of the others, meaning they might just make it in this run.
  • 5:15pm CT – Clawtivity is so close to the being the first to complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.
  • 5:01pm CT – It looks like Clawtivity is currently in the lead with the boss down to one-third of its HP.
  • 5.01pm CT – Datto has made it to the Taniks fight after getting stuck for so long in the first fight. If the last fight drags on even longer for the other teams, Datto can make it in time to challenge the world first.
  • 4:53pm CT – Slayerage has moved onto the DPS check section of the final boss, meaning he was halfway through making it. Considering Slayerage’s squad hasn’t any troubles with other DPS checks, it may not take them that long to figure it out.
  • 4:46pm CT – Gothalion’s squad has also made it to the final boss fight.
  • 4:14pm CT – p2ower, a small channel on Twitch, is also on the last fight, making the competition even fiercer.
  • 4:11pm CT – As a recap of what’s been going on so far in the event, Slayerage looks to be on the last boss, while Datto has just finished the first boss and Gladd is still trying to take it down. Giz and Gothalion are on the Taniks chase section, meaning they’re close to breathing down Slayerage’s neck.
  • 4:07pm CT – Slayerage made it through the encounter and will be facing against another boss.
  • 4:02pm CT – Slayerage’s squad got wiped seconds before making through the encounter. It’s a rough setback, but team will have to collect itself together to push through the burden.
  • 3:48pm CT –  Gothalion and Gigz have also moved onto the third stage, but Slayerage is still ahead thanks to the head start he secured after beating the second boss faster than any other team.
  • 3:22pm CT – Slayerage and his team killed the second boss and moved on to the next stage. It looks like Atraks-1, the second boss, is a tough DPS check and other teams have been struggling significantly, which’s been allowing Slayerage to increase the gap.