Complexity Limit takes World First kill on Sludgefist in Castle Nathria

"Clean as a bean."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The first significant roadblock in World of Warcraft’s Castle Nathria Race to World First was taken out by Complexity Limit this morning. 

Sludgefist, the eighth of 10 bosses in Castle Nathria, proved to be the toughest challenge for Limit and other top guilds on just the fourth day of the race. 

Limit’s World First kill on the boss came after 167 attempts, including multiple sub-one percent wipes last night.

Limit had been working on Sludgefist since Dec. 16, but after just a few pulls on the boss, they stopped momentarily because of a perceived bug that was making him do amplified damage with his Chain Slam ability.

After doing some heroic splits, the guild came back to the pathwerk-style boss that deals massive amounts of physical damage and has a high DPS check.

The time it took for Limit to kill Sludgefist allowed Echo, Pieces, Method, and Aversion to all catch up. Each of those guilds now has seven of the raid’s 10 bosses downed. 

The large number of attempts it took to kill Sludgefist is nearly three times the amount of attempts it took for Limit to clear every other boss in Castle Nathria combined before it. 

In total, the guild had 62 attempts on bosses prior to Sludgefist. The other boss that took the most attempts was Sun King’s Salvation at just 19. The first four bosses required 10 or fewer attempts. The two other encounters took 15 or fewer.

So far, Echo, the second-place team in the race, has pulled Sludgefist 87 times. They got the boss to 11.4-percent health on their best pull.