Complexity-Limit reveals plans for Race to World First broadcast

Another one.

Image via Complexity Gaming

Complexity-Limit shocked the world (of Warcraft) earlier this year when the guild became the first North America squad to win a raid “Race to World First” since Blizzard introduced the Mythic difficult into World of Warcraft a couple of expansions ago. 

And now, with Castle Nathria on the horizon, the organization is planning to once again broadcast its Race to World First efforts with new broadcasters, sponsors, and content segments. 

The guild Limit came close to beating the world’s best and most established raiding guild, Method, numerous times during the first three raids in WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion from 2018 to 2020. But it wasn’t until Ny’alotha was released that the guild was finally able to solidify a World First victory.

Coming into the expansion, Method revolutionized the monetization of the grassroots esport by broadcasting their efforts in Uldir, BFA’s first raid. Prior to Method, guilds avoided streaming their perspectives to protect any secret strategies they had for killing bosses.

Since then, Method’s massive success on Twitch has led other top guilds like Limit to seek broadcast opportunities as well. 

“Race to World First is a competition unlike any other – it’s an incredibly demanding endeavor that challenges players to think critically over long periods of time,” Complexity GM Sören Vendsahm said. “All eyes are on Complexity-Limit as the guild attempts to defend their rank as the world’s top raiding guild, and we’ll be supporting them every step of the way through unique experiences for viewers and help from our partners.”

For this tier’s RWF, Complexity will have a live broadcast for 16 to 18 hours every day on the organization’s official Twitch channel. The guild’s efforts will be broadcast from Complexity’s HQ at the GameStop Performance Center in Texas.

Meanwhile, One True King, an organization formed by top WoW streamers including Asmongold, will provide a “daily roundtable show.” The show will include well-known personalities in WoW like Esfand, Mizkif, Rich Campbell, and, of course, Asmongold.

Among the partners for the stream will be Blue Microphones, which recently partnered with Blizzard to release a special edition WoW-branded Yeti X. Other partners for the event will include Herman Miller,, and Texas-based Balance Media Technology.

As part of their involvement, Herman Miller is providing the guild with its Embody Gaming Chairs. Balanced Media will help the organization streamline content creation for accurate and up-to-date stats on things like boss kills throughout the event.