Complexity-Limit partners with DouYu for Chinese media rights of WoW Race to World First

"This partnership with China's leading livestreaming platform will bring Limit's progress to Warcraft fans overseas, contributing to the growth of the Warcraft fandom around the world."

Image via Complexity Gaming

Reigning World of Warcraft raid Race to World First winner Complexity-Limit is expanding its media rights to include a Chinese partner, DouYu, the organization announced today.

Complexity-Limit is already partnered with Twitch through a pre-existing deal that the guild’s umbrella organization Complexity has. But with Twitch not available in China, teaming with DouYu adds another level of monetization to the org’s RWF efforts.

Additionally, partnering with a foreign media company will increase Limit’s international exposure while the guild looks to continue its dominance in-game and further build on its brand. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“In recent years, World of Warcraft RWF events have gradually gained more and more attention on live streaming platforms in China, each time creating one peak viewer number after another,” DouYu COO Cheng Chao said. “By partnering with Complexity-Limit, one of the best World of Warcraft guilds in the world, DouYu will provide the best content and viewing experience to the Chinese World of Warcraft community.”

Earlier this week, Complexity-Limit announced its broadcast plans for the Race to World First coming up next week. Along with adding some new sponsors, the organization has also enlisted the help of One True King, an org formed by popular WoW streamers, to provide commentary throughout the race on a daily basis.