Complexity Limit continue to set the pace in World of Warcraft Race to World First with Il’gynoth kill

It took exactly 100 tries.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Complexity Limit have leveraged their 16-hour head start over European guilds like Method and Pieces to keep a healthy lead in the World of Warcraft Race to World First. But the raid’s 10th boss, Il’gynoth, threatened that lead for a bit. 

Serving as the first significant test for Limit, Il’gynoth was the first boss in the raid that required a triple-digit pull count. The raid eventually killed him on their 100th attempt earlier today to confirm a World First kill. 

The guild will now move on to the Carapace of N’Zoth, the raid’s second-to-last boss, which is expected to take more than 100 attempts. After that, they’ll fight N’Zoth, the final boss. Typically, the final fight in the Race to World First is the most time consuming in the raid, taking hundreds of pulls to defeat. 

The Il’gynoth kill puts Limit back into the lead against Method and Pieces, who have been playing catch up since getting access to the instance a little more than half a day after North American guilds. Both top European guilds are still working to kill Il’gynoth, but Method has put in 28 pulls, getting about halfway through the last phase on their best try. 

Limit’s kill on Il’gynoth is significant because it gives them a head start on a boss that many believe will be the most difficult in the instance outside of the final boss. In the past, Method’s ability to down the later bosses of a raid in a time efficient manner has been the determining factor in the Race to World First.