CashMeow catches 7.3 earthquake in Japan on stream

A massive Earthquake hits Fukushima.

Twitch streamer CashMeow caught a massive earthquake on stream, recording his apartment as the 7.3 seismic activity shook his entire building.

The Fukushima prefecture in Japan experienced yet another enormous earthquake overnight that shook the entire city. Since the earthquake, the region has seen numerous blackouts and triggered a tsunami warning. Countless news stations have flooded social media with harrowing footage of the event.

Being an island nation, Japan is no stranger to seismic activity as the country annually sees earthquakes above 7.0. This was the first earthquake of this magnitude in nearly two years, however, as it currently sits at a 7.3 magnitude on the Richter scale. The sheer size of this earthquake has been felt throughout the country as reportedly 2 million homes are currently without power.

Cashmeow was one of many who caught the earthquake on footage, as the sudden onset occurred while he was streaming from his apartment. The severity of the earthquake quickly became apparent as the streamer’s television, walls, bookcases, and overhead lights all furiously shook.

The streamer caught the earthquake in its entirety, as the seismic movement went for nearly five minutes straight followed by significant aftershocks. Cashmeow also saw as the Japanese government nearly instantly issued tsunami warnings and addressed the ongoing situation.

The earthquake caused power outage issues, knocking CashMeow offline several times. Despite the harrowing earthquake, CashMeow and all the residents in his apartment went unscathed, though damage from the event is still rolling in.