BoxBox catches xQc in the perfect trap on the OTV and Friends Rust server

“It was physical and mental torture simultaneously."

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

The original OTV and Friends Rust server produced some of the most impressive plays of 2021, and the big moments hasn’t stopped with the migration over to the RP-based server “The Divide.”

In a recent stream, xQc got lured into the perfect trap set by fellow streamer BoxBox. Shortly after losing all his scrap betting at the server’s casino, xQc was taken to a new building by BoxBox, who promised him the gift of 200 scrap to help with a “Study.”

After entering the building and answering the phone in the center, what he was greeted with was not what he was expecting. The walls of the building began to close and the room began emitting electricity, severely damaging the streamer.

Sharing the clip in a tweet, BoxBox said he had spent three hours making the trap, but he felt it was well worth it to see xQc’s reaction.

While it may not have been a genuine study, xQc still provided feedback in return for the scrap he was gifted.

“The pictures were bad enough that I was getting tortured and then he called me and the doors closed and then I got the real torture,” xQc explained.

“It was physical and mental torture simultaneously, this was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in the longest time.”