Blizzard updates World of Warcraft policy to discourage multiboxing

Players who are caught using input broadcasting software could face suspensions.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has shared its plans to update policies to facilitate action against users who utilize input broadcasting software.

Input broadcasting software allows a player to press a key and have it mirrored over multiple different clients of the game. This practice is commonly called multiboxing and is used in World of Warcraft, allowing a player to farm items on multiple accounts at the same time or complete questlines that would require more than one player.

“As World of Warcraft has evolved, our policies have also evolved to support the health of the game and the needs of the players,” Blizzard explained in an online blog post. “The use of input broadcasting software that mirrors keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients will soon be considered an actionable offense. We believe this policy is in the best interests of the game and the community.”

Blizzard continued sharing what consequences players who are caught using this software will face.

“We will soon begin issuing warnings to all players who are detected using input broadcasting software to mirror commands to multiple accounts at the same time (often used for multi-boxing). With these warnings, we intend to notify players that they should not use this software while playing World of Warcraft. Soon thereafter, the warnings will escalate to account actions, which can include suspension and, if necessary, permanent closure of the player’s World of Warcraft account(s).”

While Blizzard will not allow players to utilize this software on its client, players will still be able to hold as many subscriptions as they choose and play them simultaneously using the tools natively in the game.