Blizzard starts setting WoW Classic realms to one layer

Thirteen realms have been set to one layer, with more to come.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

To accomodate the thousands of WoW Classic players leveling on the same realm, Blizzard has devised a layering system to handle the populations. With the majority of players finished with the leveling process, it seems layers may become a thing of the past.

WoW Classic community manager Randy “Kaivax” Jordan informed fans on the Blizzard forums yesterday that 13 realms are now permanently set to one layer. The company also plans for other realms to be changed in the near future.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

“Over the five weeks since we launched WoW Classic, we’ve continuously monitored realm populations and utilized layering when necessary to handle launch populations,” Kaivax said. “First and foremost, players have leveled up and spread out around the world. This allowed us to accommodate more players per layer, which means fewer layers required per realm.”

Layering creates multiple versions of the same realm and helps prevent lag and balances server population. The feature fueled controversy when streamer Jokerd “abused” layers to level up his Gnome Mage quickly, becoming the world’s first character to reach level 60.

Even with the drama, layering was a necessity in lowering login times, which already took hours at launch. Now with flavor-of-the-month players moving on to Untitled Goose Game and hardcore WoW players waiting for the next phase, layering is no longer needed to control the crowd.

Most popular realms, including the “streamer realm” Faerlina, are set at two layers with the intention of bringing it down to one soon.

Blizzard is still offering free character moves to balance populations and manage login queues for players frustrated with their crowded server.

Fans wondering if their realm is set to one layer can check the full list on Blizzard’s forums.