Blizzard promises to fix performance issues and stability with latest Warcraft III: Reforged patch

It's about time.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is doing some much-needed handiwork and updating Warcraft III: Reforged ahead of its release on Jan. 28.

The classic real-time strategy put Blizzard on the map 17 years ago, paving the way for the biggest MMO in history and inspiring countless games, including Dota 2 and League of Legends. But while the hype surrounding WC3: Reforged is impressive, some beta users have experienced serious concern.

The beta has received a mostly positive reception since it was released in October 2019, but some users, particularly on macOS, have complained about performance issues and stability. Blizzard has attempted to fix the problems with multiple patches, but until today, it has yet to solve the issue.

Here are the full patch notes for WC3: Reforged leading up to its release.

Specific changes and improvements

  • Performance optimizations and stability improvements for menus and gameplay.
  • Locale fonts updated.

Bug fixes

  • All locales have functioning voice-over and portrait animations again.
  • Classic camera restored.
  • Developers note: The camera position moved by 10 percent when we started drawing the game fullscreen to support the new console UI. The original game stopped drawing where it met the original UI. We’re working on adjustments to the washed-out team colors making Wisps or similar elements with transparency faint in classic.

The patch may not be everything the game needs to have the perfect launch, but it’s a promising start. These updates should help put WC3: Reforged in a much better position, allowing for a smoother and complaint-free release.