Blizzard adds more WoW Classic servers after the community demands free transfers

Will players get free character migration?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re new to World of Warcraft, you’re probably not used to waiting hours in a queue before being logged into a game.

In an attempt to curb log-in times, Blizzard is continuing to add more North American and European servers. But most players feel that these new servers will do little to fix the underlying issue.

Part of the appeal that Classic has when compared to retail WoW is the sense of a server community. Retail WoW now uses a technology known as phasing that arguably does away with the sense of community on a server altogether. With phasing, you probably won’t see the same person twice when you’re out in the open world. Without phasing, you’ll see the same people from the same server as you all the time.

Now that Classic is in full swing, server communities are booming. People are leveling, making guilds, and making friends. Most importantly, they’re leaving their mark in a version of Azeroth where they feel as though it matters.

In a recent tweet from the Classic team, it was revealed that more new servers are continuously being worked on and rolled out. Reading any of the replies will give you an indication of why this solution is hardly an effective band-aid. Players don’t want to lose their progress and completely start over elsewhere, potentially without their friends. What the community desperately wants, instead, is free character migration.

In the past, Blizzard has offered free character migration to realms that were incredibly overpopulated. This allows players to take a character they’ve already invested time in and pick up where they left off on a different server. Doing this would allow groups of friends to move at once without feeling as if their time had been wasted.

If you ever played on a server like Blackrock during WoW‘s golden years, then you’ll know how useful free character migration can be. When a full server is offered migration, queue times instantly drop.

As of now, it looks like more people would rather sit in a queue than start over. If you play on a server like Herod or Stalag, you better log on bright and early if you want to avoid waiting in line.