Big Dumb Gaming take quick lead in Castle Nathria Race to World First

Complexity Limit is hot on their heels, though.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Reigning Race to World First champion Complexity-Limit might be the favorites to finish WoW’s newest raid before anyone else, but Big Dumb Gaming are leaving their mark on the event early. 

In just a few hours following the release of Mythic Castle Nathria, the guild that was recently signed under the Golden Guardians’ umbrella confirmed World First kills on two of the raid’s first bosses today. 

After downing Shriekwing, BDGG quickly moved to Huntsman Altimor, one of three bosses to choose from after the first, and got a swift kill. 

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Where was Complexity-Limit? They were doing a weekly Mythic dungeon quest that rewards heroic-quality gear. 

Before even stepping into Castle Nathria, Limit raid leader Maximum and his guild split into groups of five to get four Mythic dungeons done as quickly as possible before opening their weekly loot vault. 

Their reasoning was that getting the quest done would help the guild figure out what to prioritize in terms of itemization when they opened their loot vault and as they did Heroic runs.

Maximum added on his stream that the guild intends on doing Heroic splits today regardless of how well their Mythic run is going. In the past, guilds have rolled through Mythic until they reached a roadblock. At that point, many guilds do their weekly Heroic run to get whatever gear they need to progress on the boss they’re struggling with.

Despite BDGG’s early lead, it didn’t take Limit long to catch up. At time of writing, Limit have downed both of the bosses within 20 minutes of one another.