BastiGHG and Aqua win Minecraft Monday Week 11

A new champion is crowned for Minecraft Monday.

Image via UMG

In the 11th week of Minecraft Monday, Technoblade was gunning for his fourth victory in the star-studded event.

Things were looking good for Techno early, as he and his partner, ConnorEatsPants, were positioning themselves well in the opening round of Hunger Games. But they were eventually overwhelmed by Minecraft veteran Vikkstar and his partner MrSavage.

In the final confrontation in the middle of the map, MrSavage actually managed to get the drop on a fully-kitted-out Techno and eliminate him. The team’s success continued into the next round, as they were able to maintain first place despite only middling results in the Replica round. 

Fast forward to Spleef, and things started to get crazy. BadboyHalo managed to take the first round in with some crazy parkour, but Vikk stole the show in the last round. With one last desperate heave of a Snowball, he managed to knock down Spifey and force him to fight xQc, eventually winning because the two killed each other. 

That kept Vikk and MrSavage in the lead, but it was anything but safe.

Once the event got to Skywars, the top seed was thrown out as Techno and Connor went toe to toe with BastiGHG and Aqua. Within just the first round, Basti and Techno ended up as the last two players, sharing one block’s worth of space in the middle of the map. 

Basti dropped down onto the much more well-equipped Techno and took him out, securing the win. Techno and Connor fought back to take round two, but Basti and Aqua managed a repeat performance in the final game, taking a second win. 

The competition continued to be tight, with four teams staying within striking distance of the top spot for the next several rounds. It wasn’t until the final game, another round of Hunger Games, that Basti and Aqua really cemented their lead. 

Screengrab via UMGEvents
Screengrab via UMGEvents

Only xQc and m0xy really had a chance to dethrone the monsters that were destroying the game. But the two teams met early on when Aqua had much better gear than either of his opponents, taking m0xy down as he and Basti chased xQc away. 

In the end, Basti and Aqua finished things out with their first Minecraft Monday win, sitting above all with a total of 1,700 points. Aqua would also end up beating Tecno in the individual score category, finishing with 960 points.