Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 kicks off Jan. 3

Get ready for more speedrunning action.

Image via Games Done Quick

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick may now be over, but the next speedrunning event is just around the corner. Games Done Quick announced today the Awesome Games Done Quick event will take place on Jan. 3 to 10. 

The Summer Games Done Quick 2020 event ended on Aug. 23 and raised over $2 million for Doctors Without Borders. The week-long event hosted speedrunners trying to break world records in several games, including the first VR speedrun of Half-life: Alyx.  

The event was forced to move to an online format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but viewers and participants enjoyed the various segments from the comfort of their own homes. GDQ has raised over $26 million for different charities since 2010, and the global pandemic did not stop the speedrunning community from lending a helping hand. 

The Awesome Games Done Quick marathon in January will likely take place online to ensure the safety of participants and staff. The previous AGDQ event raised over $3 million for charity, and next year’s event will likely have similar success.

Speedrunning fans can also check out the Fleet Fatales event on Nov. 15 to 21, which features an all-female lineup running their favorite titles. Fans can also still donate on the Games Done Quick website and find more information on upcoming events and weekly streams. Anyone who missed the SGDQ event can see all of the speed runs on the GDQ Youtube Channel.