Asmongold’s return to Twitch coming April 2

He'll be back soon.

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It might be later than he originally said, but Asmongold is set to make his return to Twitch in just one week.

Asmon posted a video on Twitter earlier today, saying that he intends on streaming regularly again on April 2 at around 9 to 10am CT. But he added that, knowing himself, he “might be a bit late.”

“I think it’s about time,” Asmongold said. “I’ve been sitting in my car having conversations with myself, and usually those are conversations in the same tone that I would have with my stream. I figure I might as well do that on camera once again.”

This is the first we’ve heard from Asmon officially addressing his return since four weeks ago when he said that he’d likely start streaming again within a couple of weeks. Even though he said that he wouldn’t wait longer than three weeks to start streaming again, his first stream back will be about five weeks after that announcement.

Though April 2 is the tentative date for Asmon’s return, he did add a caveat to his announcement. His plans might change if Blizzard starts alpha testing its new expansion before next Thursday.

“If the Shadowlands alpha comes out earlier than April 2, I will go online earlier than April 2,” Asmongold said. “I will go live the second, assuming I’m awake, the second that the Shadowlands alpha goes live.”

As for Asmon’s plans, he doesn’t intend on making his first stream back special in any way. He wants it to be just like any other stream of his.

“I don’t plan on making this some big stream or big event or anything like that,” Asmongold said. “Just another get together with the boys, another stream. Come over, come watch, come chill. The usual shit.”

But if there’s anything we know about Asmon, the “usual shit” is anything but mundane.