Asmongold slams double standard of sexualizing characters in games

"He's a gigantic 6-foot-5 GigaChad."

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

The sexualization of female characters in video games is well-documented. But this week, while playing Lost Ark, Twitch’s most popular MMO streamer Asmongold took an opportunity to note that in many games, it isn’t just women who are given impossible-to-achieve body standards.

Taking a moment to show his character to viewers, Asmongold noted that his toon is unrealistically enormous, muscular, and beautiful. But according to Asmon, people never complain about that. Instead, critics of video game portrayals tend to focus on just how women are made out to look.

“I find it funny that somehow it’s totally fucking OK and it’s never even questioned that my character looks like fucking Mr. Olympia,” he said. “This is a gigantic fucking bodybuilder with a perfect fucking head of hair … He’s a gigantic 6-foot-5 GigaChad. But the moment that a female character has more than D-cup boobs, it’s ‘oh my fucking god, can we stop with the objectification.'”

Asmon concluded by saying “shut the fuck up.” For him, having characters that are unrealistic isn’t particularly problematic in fantasy games like Lost Ark. What seems to bother him more is that those who do complain aren’t making note of how men are also portrayed in ways that might make real-life men feel inadequate.