Asmongold to take an indefinite break from streaming

No specific reason was given for his decision.

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One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Asmongold, will be taking an indefinite break from streaming, he announced today.

Asmongold said he’s been considering the idea over the past few weeks and has since decided it’d be the best move forward. He also said this was the reason he recently took some time off from streaming.

Asmongold said there were a variety of different factors that contributed to his decision but that there was “too much to list out in a tweet.”

While the community reaction has been varied, most of his viewers have been supportive of the decision, urging Asmongold to take as much time as he needs away from streaming before coming back.

Since returning from his last hiatus in April 2020, Asmongold has taken little time off, streaming regularly on his main channel but also on his second channel, ZachRawrr, just as often.

With his active participation in the OTV and Friends Rust server, it’s unclear if fans will still be able to catch some Asmongold gameplay through other creators’ streams.

Update Jan. 10 10:55pm CT: Asmongold posted once again, dispelling some of the rumors of why he made the decision to take a break. “Not quitting, just taking a break,” Asmongold said. “I’m just not sure how long, probably a month or so.”