Asmongold is back on Twitch after 2-month break

"Sup y'all. It's me."

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Asmongold went live on his main Twitch channel this morning for the first time since the beginning of January.

Less than an hour into his broadcast, the streamer has racked up more than 50,000 viewers.

Known as World of Warcraft’s most popular streamer, Asmongold announced that he was taking an indefinite break from streaming in January but wasn’t specific in terms of his reasoning for the hiatus.

Since then, Asmongold hasn’t been completely out of the public eye, though. He’s still done numerous activities with his new esports organization, One True King (OTK), and has regularly voiced his opinions on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, he’s posted a few of his quintessential YouTube videos in which he rambles off all of his thoughts while sitting in his backyard.

During one video, Asmongold admitted that he was taking a break because he was “extremely burnt out,” but he added that it wasn’t because of his community.

Asmon’s return today comes with an earlier start time than he’s traditionally had in the past. He hinted during a YouTube video that he wanted to begin streams earlier to promote a healthier sleep schedule.

While Asmon’s main channel has been idle for the past two months, he hasn’t been completely absent from the platform. He streamed numerous times throughout the end of January on his alternate Twitch account, Zackrawrr.

Asmon has traditionally used the alternate Twitch account to stream when he doesn’t want to put on the type of show that he’s known for on his main channel. Instead, the channel serves more as a place for him to stream where he simply plays games he wants to play.

The mood and tone of the streams on that channel are typically more laid back and include little to no theatrics, something the primary Asmongold channel has an abundance of.