All-women speedrunning event Flame Fatales starts Aug. 15

You’ve never seen a speedrun event quite like this.

Image via GDQ | Remix by Will Copus

Games Done Quick, the charity organization behind some of gaming’s biggest speedrunning events, is hosting the Flame Fatales speedrunning summer event.

Running from Aug. 15 to 21 and broadcasting live on Twitch, the event will feature players from across the gaming community banding together to raise money for the Malala Fund. In the traditionally male-dominated speedrunning community, the all-women nature of Flame Fatales is a breath of fresh air.

Flame Fatales is being organized by GDQ’s Frame Fatales community. Last year, the group hosted the Fleet Fatales event, which raised over $80,000 for charity. The games featured in this year’s runs include platformers, point-and-click puzzle games, and more. The event will be fully online and feature seven days’ worth of speedruns, races, and other events and showcases.

During the event, viewers can donate on GDQ’s website. One hundred percent of the donations received during Flame Fatales will go to Malala Fund to help girls around the world attend school safely. Previous charity recipients have included AbleGamers, which helps support and provide resources to disabled gamers, and the Prevent Cancer Foundation, which funds cancer prevention research.

GDQ also hosts the annual Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick events, with all of the proceeds and donations going to a variety of charities. The speedrunning community has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and GDQ events are the place to see the very best go head-to-head in the hope of breaking records.