All major Twitch streamer bans in 2022

The biggest bans of the year.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has grown immensely in popularity over the website’s long history. Millions of new streamers join the website every year, however, this sharp rise of content creators on the platform is accompanied by an equivalent increase the number of annual bans.

2022 saw many of the most viewed streamers banned or suspended from the platform. While a large majority of banned streamers only had to serve small sentences, others saw extended or indefinite bans off the platform, still yet to return to Twitch.

Below are some of the most notable bans in 2022 (so far).

Destiny — Indefinite Ban

Destiny was among the first political streamers on Twitch and is largely credited for the popularization and proliferation of the Just Chatting subcategory. This controversial streamer was banned on Twitch on Mar. 23, 2022.

While the exact reason for the ban has not officially been specified, the streamer had featured several banned figures on his stream in the days prior to his suspension.

Destiny had been banned from Twitch several times before, warranting a more severe suspension length per Twitch’s terms of service. Unexpectedly, Destiny’s ban is still in effect, as his channel is still inaccessible. Since his forced departure from Twitch, the streamer has taken to YouTube and even made an appearance on

Narcissawright — Indefinite Ban

Narcissawright was one of the most notable bans of 2022. The streamer saw two indefinite bans in quick succession. After showing NSFW content on stream by accident, Narcissa threatened to shoot Twitch staff in a now-deleted tweet. Claiming she never had actual malicious intent and issuing multiple apologies, Twitch unbanned Narcissa only two weeks after her initial suspension. After several prominent streamers expressed outrage over her return to the platform, Twitch re-issued a permanent suspension.

Still off Twitch, Narcissa has maintained a steady presence on YouTube.

Sodapoppin — 14 Days

Sodapoppin is one of the most veteran streamers on Twitch, beginning his broadcasting career back whenever the site was still known as On Apr. 13, Sodapoppin saw a controversial clip surface wherein he applied dark makeup to a character in a character creation screen while uttering the word ‘blackface.’

Shortly after the stream, Sodapoppin was hit with an indefinite ban and issued multiple apologies claiming the incident was by sheer accident.

Though an indefinite ban initially, Sodapoppin was unbanned after 14 days. The streamer was slow to return to his regular streaming schedule even after the unban, however, he has come back in full force on the platform.

Macaiyla — 7 Days

The former Cloud9 streamer saw a lengthy ban on June 4, 2022. The ban came about after a disparaging tweet direct toward British people, which was deemed in conflict with Twitch’s harassment and hate speech rules in the website’s terms of service. While the streamer had a string of controversial tweets at the time, the reason behind the ban still came as a surprise to many viewers and Twitch frequenters.

The streamer submitted a ban appeal and only had to serve seven days out of the two-week suspension. Though the suspension briefly took her off the site, Macaiyla reflected on the ban well as a sign to better her conduct on stream.

TheGrefg — 3 Days

The Spanish streaming community carries a massive audience, towering over the platform in terms of viewership. TheGrefg is one of the premier streamers in this community, previously holding the title for the most concurrent viewers ever seen on the platform, amassing over two million viewers at one time.

On Mar. 25, TheGrefg had a hiatus from streaming after showing an NSFW image.

Though only three days, there was significant outcry regarding the sudden Twitch suspension of one of the platform’s internationally premier creators.