Adin Ross banned from Twitch for using phone while driving

It isn't clear how long the suspension will last.

Image via Instagram

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers AdinRoss has been banned from Twitch after breaching the platform’s rules pertaining to using his phone while driving.

During a recent stream, Adin was seen staring down and messaging on his mobile phone while at the wheel of a car. Despite not streaming from the device, being on the phone while driving is illegal, so the use of a mobile phone in this situation still constitutes a bannable offence as the act breaches the platform’s rules against any content that breaks the law.

Following the ban, Adin posted about his actions claiming to take full responsibility and fearing that it could mean a permanent suspension of his account.

He also shared a response to the StreamerBans post regarding Twitch’s enforcement on his account in which he apologized and reiterated he was 100 percent in the wrong.

“I’m so sorry fr,” Adin said. “I know a lot of ppl who aren’t apart of my community aren’t too fond of me and I’m sorry I was 100% in the wrong.”

The clip from yesterday’s stream quickly blew up on Reddit with many calling for Twitch to take action against the streamer. Adin isn’t the first streamer to receive a ban for a similar act. In March, fellow streamer JakeNBake was handed a week-long suspension after looking at his phone while driving.

Right now, it isn’t entirely clear how long Adin’s suspension will remain for but given Twitch’s previous enforcement of this policy, it will likely be a week before he is back broadcasting on his channel.