7TV is trying to bring more emotes to YouTube

Now you can spam in every stream.

Image via YouTube

7TV’s latest update added 200 free emote slots to both Twitch and YouTube and is adding a “True Theater Mode” to YouTube streaming. 

The third-party extension is an emote service focusing on both platforms and is compatible with existing extensions, such as Better Twitch TV and FrankerFaceZ. Several well-known streamers like Sodapoppin, Summit1G, and NymN already use the service since it enables more emotes and some that have been previously banned.

This update’s focus on YouTube comes at a pivotal time in the content platform’s venture into streaming. Many prominent Twitch streamers, like DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and Dr Disrespect, have all made a permanent move to YouTube. Though audiences have largely followed these streaming goliaths to YouTube, a piece of the “streaming culture” has been lost since YouTube doesn’t inherently support the same emotes or features as Twitch.

In a sense, 7TV 2.0 seeks to recreate a more “Twitch-like” viewing experience on YouTube. Many of the emotes added in this recent update include images that frequent Twitch chatters are likely familiar with, including but not limited to the many variations of Pepe and peepo the frog.

True Theater Mode also addresses a criticism of the YouTube streaming structure since it now gives a side-by-side view of the stream and chat. Again, seasoned Twitch users can recognize that this new layout is reminiscent of a typical Twitch stream. 

You can pick up the 7TV extension today in the Google Chrome Store and start spamming your favorite emote on enabled streams across Twitch and YouTube.