How to fix Cloud Gaming not working error in Starfield

It just might not be a cloudy day.

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With Starfield’s enormous system requirements in mind, cloud gaming emerged as the perfect solution for players who’d like to play the game without upgrading their PCs. There have been instances where Starfield has been unavailable due to the Cloud Gaming not working error, however, preventing players from loading their saves.

Cloud Gaming as a concept has come a long way, and players with fast/stable internet connections can use Xbox’s Cloud Gaming services for smooth gameplay experiences. Unless there’s an outage affecting your home network, the Cloud Gaming not working error will be more likely to be caused by Xbox’s servers.

How can you fix the Cloud Gaming not working error in Starfield?

If Xbox’s Cloud Gaming services are unavailable for you, prompting you with various errors in the process, there are a few solution methods you can try to potentially fix them.

Troubleshoot your internet connection

ISP-related outages or network errors caused by DNS servers might cause you to receive the Cloud Gaming not working error in Starfield.

  1. Change your DNS address.
  2. Reset your router.
  3. Call your ISP to double-check all of your connection metrics.

If everything comes out positive after the three steps above, the error might be related to Xbox’s server statuses.

Check Xbox Live Status for Cloud Gaming and Remote Play

Navigate to Xbox Live Status and scroll down until you see “Cloud Gaming and Remote Play.” If these services are down with an outage icon, you’ll need to wait for them to come back online, so the Cloud Gamin not working error can disappear on its own.

Other Xbox services going down might also impact Cloud Gaming, so you should also keep an eye on other services listed on the Status website.

Try loading a different save

While the Cloud Gaming not working error was quite common during Starfield’s launch, the error briefly resurfaced since then. More recently, the error appeared for me out of nowhere when all Xbox services were operational, and my home network was as healthy as ever.

The error persistently showed up as I tried to load a certain save, and it disappeared after I tried to load a previous manual save. 


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