StarCraft 2 is getting a Day[9] announcer pack

One of the most famous StarCraft personalities is being immortalized in the game.

Nicole Carpenter  -  4 months ago

StarCraft player disqualified from tournament after allegedly harassing a female streamer

The player received a six-day ban from the Afreeca Starleague's fourth season, which resulted in a disqualification.
Nicole Carpenter - 4 months ago StarCraft

Crimson: "I definitely intend to crack the top four this time around"

He talks about balancing a full-time job with being a professional StarCraft player, and more.
Daniel "Deth" Haynes - 5 months ago StarCraft

Demi takes down NXZ at the WCS ANZ Season 4 Qualifier

This qualifier has featured a lot of intense matches.
Daniel "Deth" Haynes - 5 months ago StarCraft

StarCraft: Remastered is out today

Get ready for those Zerg rushes, now in 4K.
Adam Newell - 5 months ago StarCraft

Blizzard releases its StarCraft 2 API

It's a powerful tool for researchers, gamers, and hobbyists.
Nicole Carpenter - 5 months ago StarCraft

StarCraft: Remastered will be released in August

Fans can preorder the game now.
Nicole Carpenter - 7 months ago StarCraft