There was a little bit for everyone on the OMEN Esports Report’s season finale

The season finale had guests from three different esports.

Photo via OMEN

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In the season finale of the OMEN Esports Report that aired on Nov. 16, there was a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

It started off with Ryan Horton from Overwatch Central stopping by to talk about how the Overwatch meta is evolving, popular combinations, and the new additions to the Overwatch League.

Twitch streamer and new OMEN squad member Cyanide dropped in next to talk about his thoughts on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the differences between Blackout and PlayerUnkownk’s Battlegrounds. He also touched on Twitch etiquette and how he thinks it is important to make connections in chat.

The streamer was then tasked with competing in the final Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Headshot Challenge of the season. He went in with only one goal, to defeat fellow streamer Spamfish and keep himself off the bottom of the leaderboard.

The couch got its third member when esports reporter and interviewer Freya Spiers came in to talk about her path into professional CS:GO and the current landscape of the game.

And for the first time in show history, a fourth person came to take a seat on the—now rather cozily cramped—couch. Professional League of Legends player Raymond “Kasing” Tsang slid into the studio to talk Worlds, his experience, and how the opening game can set the series’ tone.

To end Season One, hosts Pala and Frankie faced off in a one-on-one Overwatch challenge that fans voted on for a chance to win an OMEN Gaming Bungle—featuring a PC, gaming chair, headset, and monitor.