Splatoon 3 unveils electrifying new ‘Off The Hook’ track

This might just be your new Saturday night jam.

Image via Nintendo

Now and then, Nintendo periodically drops updates on what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated Splatoon 3 that is set to release in late 2022—and it’s back at it with more juicy information.

The company revealed through a tweet that the long-beloved fictional band Off the Hook is back in action and ready to perform in Splatoon 3. The tweet mentioned that the band “scouted a few new members” and reformed as an act that called themselves ‘Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook.’

In the tweet, the company also posted a video that gives fans a first listen of their hottest new single titled ‘Candy-Coated Rocks,’ with background art of the band jamming out and having a ball of a time, along with the newly-scouted members among them.

The track sounds like your classic Splatoon music, boasting that quintessential Splatoon sound that we all know and love. This song, in particular, has hints of rock, jazz/swing, and electro-pop accompanied by high-pitched and unintelligible vocals that surprisingly go well with the tunes.

The tweet only contains a preview of the track, however, which only lasts for over a minute; it seems we will have to wait for the full game to release to jam our hearts out to this track.

This isn’t the only track that Nintendo teased, however. The company has been sporadically releasing tidbits of Splatoon 3 information, and back in May, released a music track named ‘Sea Me Now.’

Splatoon 3 is set to release on Sept. 9, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.