Nintendo working on Splatoon 3 patch for black screen issue and connection issue

The patch update is coming soon.

Image via Nintendo YouTube

Developers finally answer the Splatoon community’s pleas over a black screen bug.

Nintendo recently announced that the team behind Splatoon 3 is aware of the black screen issue. Since Splatoon 3 launched on Sept. 9, players have run into a game-breaking dilemma where the game would turn black instead of loading.

They will fix the issue in an upcoming patch. While no date was given for this update, Nintendo gave players a temporary fix to get around the black screen problem.

How to fix the black screen bug in Splatoon 3

Nintendo has given some instructions to Splatoon players who keep getting plagued by the black screen bug while trying to play online.

Here is what you can do while waiting for the patch to come out.

  1. Exit the game and close it completely.
  2. Disconnect your Nintendo Switch from the internet.
  3. Start up the game while your Switch is disconnected.
  4. Choose your character’s appearance and head to Splatsville per usual.
  5. Connect your Switch to the internet while you’re in Splatsville.
  6. Enter the Lobby, transfer your save data, and choose your Splatfest region

The upcoming patch will also fix other ongoing issues with the newly launched game. Nintendo said that the patch would address a disconnection error that has been happening when some players try to enter online servers. This was especially prominent when Splatoon fans wanted to play Salmon Run.

Unfortunately, there have been some major issues like the black screen bug and disconnection issue. Luckily Nintendo is aware of these problems and will have a fix in the near future.