New Game Plus is a Danish SMITE team. They were previously known as A New Beginning.
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New Game Plus was birthed from the remains of Cringe Crew, a mid tier team though its existence until its disbanding at the end of 2016. After the 2017 SMITE World Championship, Cringe Crew broke apart. EmilZy, the support player and leader of the team at the time, moved on to Obey Alliance, giving the spot to coach and owner Deathiance. Deathiance was able to keep Kero and Repikas from the original roster on the new team, and brought on three names that were making splashes in the scene: N0Numbers, a Challenger Cup player whose marked improvement over the course of Season 3 gave him notoriety from higher-ups, Gamehunter, a player that was famous in Season 0 but did not have the same success throughout Seasons 2 and 3 and was searching for dominance again, and Murrdurr, a shotcaller who had top-level performance in Season 1 but faltered in recent times.

The team was a favorite coming into the Spring Relegations of Season 4, mainly due to Gamehunter's past fame as the first player to have a penta kill in a professional game. Unfortunately, the team did not qualify for the Spring Split with a 2-3 record, settling in 4th place behind other relegated teams Cyclone and eLevate as well as Novus Orsa, another team which had been hit by hard times after the World Championship, but ahead of established teams of Challenger Cup players Deserted and Last Minute Monsters.

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