Casper "Snakeskin" Bruning is a Dutch SMITE player. He is currently a coach and a substitute for The Papis.
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Snakeskin started playing video games at the age of 8, starting with Star Wars Battlefront. After that he visited a variety of games from Call of Duty to Assassin's Creed. Going into SMITE, he was asked to sub for Xaliea on Cloud 9. From there on, he made a name for himself with good performances in ranked. His first role as a starter was for London Conspiracy as a solo laner in Season 2. His performances were in-line with the rest of his team: middle of the pack, although he maintained a strong  Tyr pick that was to be respected regardless of Tyr's position in the meta.

Shortly before SPL Season 2 EU Fall, London Conspiracy announced having benched Snakeskin due to inconsistent performances, and him consequently leaving the team. In early September 2015, he was announced to be playing for a new SPL Season 2 EU Fall Challenger team called Netflix N Chill.

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