Kieran "SeemanDemon" Henshaw is a British SMITE player. He is currently playing support for DAB Layun. He was previously known as Dekuscrub and Deku.
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SeemanDemon started playing PC at around age 9 with World of Warcraft. He continued playing that until 2014. Moving onto SMITE, he was unhappy with casuals/ranked and found a team on Reddit to play with.

He later competed in SPL Season 2 EU Summer Challenger with Six Sigma. On September 13th 2015, he joined Team Dignitas in a coaching/analyst capacity.. After losing to Paradigm in the EU Super Regionals after a heartbreaking five game series, SeemanDemon decided to step down from his role of coach for Team Dignitas.

He is currently a part-time insurance broker.

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DAB Layun
JoinedDAB Layun
Jan 2017
Clown Fiesta
Mar 2016
Clown Fiesta
Feb 2016
The Call Centre
Jan 2016
Team Dignitas
Nov 2015
Team Dignitas
FormerSix Sigma
Sep 2015
Six Sigma
Aug 2015
Six Sigma
JoinedSix Sigma
Jun 2015
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