Scott "ScottGandhi" Lussier is an American SMITE personality. He is a commentator and Xbox One eSports manager for Hi-Rez studios. For ScottGandhi's Halo career, see Gandhi
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ScottGandhi was a competitive Halo player (Halo 1-3) in 2002-2006. In 2009 he moved onwards to commentating, and has since been casting tournaments for Halo, Counter Strike, and now currently casting SMITE.

His first introduction to competitive SMITE was at RTX2014 where he met HiRezBart and got to watch a match with Team Dignitas. After the match, being impressed by the performance of Team Dignitas he challenged the team on the main stage to play against himself and other Halo players, where HiRezBart casted the show match.

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