Marcus "Realzx" Vining is a British SMITE player. He is currently without a team.
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Realzx has lived his entire life in London, England, and started playing video games at the age of 11. Over the years he played Counter-Strike 1.6, World of Warcraft, Firefall, and finally SMITE.

Before going competitive Realzx mostly played jungle, but he always enjoyed the hunter role and decided to make it his main role going into competitive. He was on a few smaller teams in the past, but has most notably been on SK Gaming for over a year. After placing 4th in the SMITE World Championship under SK, him and the team decided to make the switch to Fnatic.

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Aug 2016
FormerSK Gaming
Mar 2015
SK Gaming
Mar 2015
SK Gaming
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Feb 2014