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Madmanmarc22 started playing Xbox at the age of 8. His favorite game at the time was Halo. Going into SMITE, he started off playing every role in ranked. His goal at the time was to reach 2000 elo to be able to play with Drybear. He was eventually noticed by Shing and asked to join SNIPE Gaming. Two days after joining, he was benched.

Moving forward, he declined any team offers until Denial eSports split up after the SMITE Launch Tournament becoming the original Five Angry Men. After the team was then acquired by Denial eSports at the start of Season 2 of the SMITE Pro League, Marc decided to leave the team at the end of the Spring Split. He would later rejoin the Denial roster as the starting hunter during Week 7 of the Summer Split, retaking his role from BronxBombers.

During the Fall Split he was missing from the starting roster from Denial eSports, as it was rumored he was listed as a sub for Cloud9. Eventually he didn't make any appearances during the Fall Split, and by February 2016 he joined Team Hopeful, but left the team as it disbanded less than two weeks later.

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Team Hopeful
Feb 2016
Denial eSports
Aug 2015
Denial eSports
Feb 2015
Five Angry Men
Feb 2015
Five Angry Men
May 2014
SNIPE Gaming
Mar 2014