Jesper "Hyrrok" Haagensen is a Danish SMITE player. He is currently retired.
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Hyrrok was one of the first professional European SMITE players. He and Spooh met on a massive TeamSpeak server, and believed they had good synergy, and decided to start a team, soon to be known as superteam Bipolar Method. Throughout the next year, they hopped from team to team, eventually returning to Bipolar Method. However, after a disappointing last place finish at the Gamescom 2013 Invitational, the team disbanded. He and Spooh went to Torch, and it is unknown what happened during their time there, although it is known he became the solo laner. Torch was then sponsored by Team Coast, and Spooh returned to the team after ShadowNightmare was removed. Due to this short replacement notice, Coast was viewed as the weakest team in the running, and this prediction held true after Coast was beaten by COGnitive Gaming in the winners' bracket and then by Cloud 9 in the losers' bracket, knocking them out. Coast won no games during the tournament.

Hyrrok left the sponsor alongside his teammates, and found himself on Cloud 9 during Season 1. Cloud 9 finished fourth out of six during the regular season, qualifying for the Regional Championship. However, enQu left the team, shaking up the roster. Hyrrok was forced to play the support role, with Cloud 9 beaten by Aquila in their first round. The team disbanded afterwards. He last streamed SMITE in January 2015, and is now playing Heroes of the Storm and Paladins.

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