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djpernicus lives in San Jose, California.

In the days before the SMITE Launch Tournament, djpernicus and his team, Down to Frag was known as the only team to defeat the #1 team, which would otherwise be undefeated throughout the qualifiers to the Launch Tournament, COGnitive Gaming. In Season 1 he would go on to play jungle for Five Angry Men, but would leave to join Legion of Carrots for Season 2 Spring and Summer. The roster was then completely reworked in July 2015 and he left the team. A month later, he joined the new COGnitive Gaming lineup. After the roster fell under with the leaving of both Cabom and Meerkat, djpernicus joined the rest of his team and joined Team Eager to start Season 3.

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Team History
Spacestation Gaming
Jul 2017
Team Eager
May 2017
Team Eager
Jan 2016
COGnitive Gaming
Jan 2016
Legion of Carrots
Jul 2015
Legion of Carrots
Feb 2015
Team Dignitas
Sep 2014
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