Tom "BlizzardFX" Keijzer is a Dutch SMITE player. He is currently without a team.
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BlizzardFX lives in Volendam, the Netherlands.

Little is known about BlizzardFX before he joined the competitive scene, but nevertheless he was brought onto eLevate by Faeles when the team lost its substitute midlaner, WorldEdit in the Season 4 Relegations. He showed great promise as a low-income carry, and he helped eLevate re-qualify for the SPL.

After spending 3 weeks with the roster, he was benched to make room for eLevate's old midlaner, nulisa. Unsure of whether he would be brought to LAN, he lost his motivation to play at a high level, although when the team decided they would, he regained his motivation. After the gauntlet, BlizzardFX decided to go off onto his own path, inspired by his former teammates' performance at LAN.

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